In-depth one-on-one interviews by a clinical psychologist
Utilizes accepted theory and interviewing techniques from clinical psychology
Designed to elicit deeper meanings and “primary processing”
Establishes rapport with an “equal”
Willingness to “play” in less secure emotional areas
Uses many projective techniques as part of the inquiry

Fairy Tales
Cocktail Party
Heart Maps - issues closest to their hearts
Magazine Scrap Art - direction of disease/medications to be developed
Storytelling - building stories from dredged up emotional material
Psychodrawings - drawing and annotating the most typical candidate for each class of drug and its competitors
Tarot Cards - universal typologies used to symbolize doctors' feelings, beliefs and values and how they treat a specific disease state and its risks.
Benefits of PsychProbes
Deeper understanding of the target audience
Less controlled and edited responses
Identifies key insights
View the brand/category in a new way
“Discussion platform” for creativity