Pharmaceutical Studies

Relevant background
    Medical School 1 year
    Clinical Psychologist - group and private practice 20 years
       Creative blocks, mood disorders, bi-polar, depersonalization, depression, obesity
    Extensive Rx, DTC and OTC experience

Interviewing physicians well demands more expertise and skill than working with patients or consumers. Doctors are trained and practice medicine in a very hierarchical manner. They respond to authority. Being directed with a gentle, but firm hand is necessary or they will take over the interview, telling you what they want to share, not necessarily what you need to find out. Having done physician research across many categories, physicians quickly understand I am not someone with whom to play around, but an interviewer of consequence. The expectations I create and the surprises I spring influence the quality of their responses. My experience, interviewing technique and clinical training all lead to a deeper interpretation of the material elicited.

Acorda Therapeutics
   Multiple Sclerosis Drug

Astra Zenaca
   Acid Reflux/GERD (Nexium)
   Cholesterol/Dyslipidemia (Crestor)
   Infectious Disease/ Carbapenum (Merrum)

   Diseases of the Skin(Dermatop)

Bausch & Lomb
   Bacterial Conjunctivitis(Besivance)

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

   Infectious Diseases(Avelox, Cipro)

   Homeopathic Cold & Flu treatments

Bristol Meyers Squibb
   Cardiovascular Disease (Plavix)

Cadence Pharmaceuticals

Chatam Company
   Skin Cleanser (pHisoDerm)

   Oral Mucositis (New Product)

Essential Analytics
   IV Pain Modification (Acetavance)

   Pediatric Leukemia(Cholar)

   Hyperactivity / Attention Deficit (Concerta)

Millennium Pharmaceutical
   Multiple Myeloma (Velcade)

   Heart Failure (BiDil)

The Osteoporitis Foundation

   Alzheimer's (Aricept)

   Antacids (Maalox)

sanofi pasteur
   Childhood Vaccines(Pentacel)

   Laxative (Miralax)

Simaxon Pharmaceuticals
   Sleep Aid (Silenor)

Takeda Pharmaceutical
   Prostate Cancer (Lupron)

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
   Cardiovascular disease (Altace, Theraflu)