Creative Insights has worked with advertising agencies and mostly Fortune 500 clients since the early 80's. Advertising agencies have different problems from the client side, focusing more on creativity and messaging. Dr. Bruce Eckman had a successful practice in psychotherapy with problems regarding creativity and brings these insights to nuanced advertising problems.

Bruce was with Backer and Spielvogel Advertising Agency from its inception through the first three years of expansion. He was the associate research director, heading up the quantitative business for Miller Brewing Company and all of the qualitative research for the agency. He helped the agency obtain 250 million dollars of new business during his stay. He later received two "Effies" for advertising effectiveness (Campbell Soup and UNICEF) which is unusual for someone not directly in the advertising industry.

Bruce also works with larger national and multinational companies on a continuous basis. Companies planning mergers and acquisitions, bringing different corporate climates together, expanding / integrating their brand portfolios and optimizing their advertising messages have looked to Creative Insights for help.

Creative Insights has extensive experience in many fields of research.

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